Istanbul, attractive cities

شهر استانبول

City of Istanbul | A beautiful city that has two continents

Istanbul; One of the most attractive cities in the world

Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey and the center of its financial and commercial enterprises, which many mistakenly think of as the capital of Turkey, while the capital of Turkey is Ankara. Istanbul has been an important world city from the past to the present day, which is of great importance in various fields. The west of Istanbul is part of the continent of Europe and the east of it is part of Asia, and this issue has caused the accommodation of different cultures in it. It is now inhabited by people from all over the world and has an estimated population of 17 million, all of which make it one of the largest cities in the world. In the following, we will get more acquainted with this beautiful city.

شهر استانبول

Sights of Istanbul

Istanbul has also become a very beautiful and unique city for tourists, despite its historical and spectacular places. In this section, we take a look at some of the most attractive and touristy places in Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia Mosque

Hagia Sophia is originally a Roman church built in the sixth century and later turned into a mosque. This mosque is a symbol of the Ottoman rule. Because this place is both known as a mosque for Muslims and was originally a Christian church, it somehow attracts followers of both religions, and this has led to this place to Become a completely unique building in the world. In addition, the splendor of this building is owed to an Ottoman architect who designed and executed it at that time.

شهر استانبول

Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Istanbul Grand Bazaar is one of the most attractive public gatherings in Turkey, where you can feel the life that is going on. This market includes thousands of shops where you can find everything you want, from handicrafts And crystals from a variety of live birds for sale. Everyone who travels to Istanbul must visit this pristine market to see the splendor inside.

شهر استانبول

Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge is one of the most famous places in Istanbul that you have probably seen before. The bridge is one of the busiest places in Istanbul, where most people go for walks and friendly chats.

شهر استانبول

Transportation in Istanbul

Due to its size and importance, Istanbul is covered by all public transport systems and can be reached by various vehicles. Because Istanbul has two parts, Europe and Asia, and is located on two continents, you may be a little confused at first about transportation between the two parts of the city, but you will soon realize what it is like.

شهر استانبول

To pay for public transportation in Istanbul, you can use smart public transport cards. To top up these cards, you can go to supermarkets and street kiosks and get the same amount of charge by paying a desired amount. One way to buy this Cards for tourists can be purchased at the airport as soon as they arrive in Istanbul.

In general, you can choose between electric trains, buses, subways and ferries to get around in Istanbul. To get to the central parts of the city, you have to use electric trains, and buses are available to get to different parts of the city. Passengers traveling from European and Asian parts must use ferries that travel between the two continents. Also, a subway project for transportation between the two continents is currently under construction and can be used later.

شهر استانبول

Different neighborhoods of Istanbul

Istanbul is a city made up of many large and small neighborhoods, and some of these neighborhoods are world famous. In this part of the article, we introduce the most famous neighborhoods of Istanbul.

Neighborhood of Beyaglu

This area is a multicultural neighborhood located in the European part of Istanbul. Most of the people living there are single young people or immigrants who have come to Istanbul to work. Beyoglu is a noisy neighborhood in Istanbul and is not very suitable for family life.

شهر استانبول

Scudder Neighborhood

This neighborhood is one of the Asian neighborhoods of Istanbul, which, unlike Beyoglu, is a quiet and low-noise area that is sometimes chosen by people who work in Istanbul, Europe, to live and live.

Sariyar neighborhood

Sariir is one of the aristocratic neighborhoods of Istanbul, which is located in its European part. It has a clean and clean climate and is a little far from the city and is also considered as a kind of recreational area. There are a variety of local parks and restaurants in this neighborhood that are great for leisure time.

شهر استانبول

Cost of living in Istanbul

The cost of living in Istanbul includes various items, the most important of which are discussed in this section. If you want to have a completely normal life in Istanbul and do not have very high amenities, you should rent a relatively small house in the middle of the city. And consider using a personal car. Considering these cases, you need five thousand liras per month to live in Turkey, but for a life above average, you will need something around 10 thousand liras. Also, this. Consider that the highest cost a family pays during the month is the cost of electricity and energy, and this increases as the air cools and heating appliances are used.

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Concluding remarks

The city of Istanbul is one of the famous cities in Turkey and the world, which receives many immigrants and tourists every year. In this article, we have mentioned some important points about this city so that if you are planning to travel or migrate to Istanbul, you will get to know more about this beautiful city.

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