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Airport transfer in Istanbul

Airport transfer in Istanbul is one of the main needs of travelers, especially during the corona, so if you are looking for a good and safe transfer, join Nilagroup.

One of our services, especially during the corona, is the VIP airport transfer. All you have to do is make sure that a 6-seater Mercedes-Benz VITO van is present at the airport with the driver and takes you to your destination, or vice versa, at your place of residence and takes you to the airport.

Advantage of using airport transfer

If you are looking for a comfortable and carefree trip and probably a family of four, you should know that using our services is more affordable than airport taxis.

Due to Corona conditions, taxis do not take more than 3 people, so you have to take 2 taxis to get to your hotel or accommodation.

In addition, there is another way and usually a series of companies in Istanbul transport passengers who are in charge of touring between Istanbul and have contracts with agencies that take passengers from the airport to the hotel or vice versa.

This method has its own difficulties and pains and causes you to waste a lot of time! Why??

Because the transfer services of these companies are by bus and all passengers have to express themselves at that time, and if the flight is a little late or the flight time is a little back and forth, you have to wait for all passengers to pick up their luggage and express and board the bus. Of course, this is not the end of the matter, because not all bus passengers are supposed to get off at a hotel, and the leader has to take the passengers to the hotel where they are booking and take care of their reception.

So instead of enduring all this pressure and stress, it is better to send us a message easily and easily and book your car for the next day in Istanbul.

Istanbul city transfer

  • You can also use our city tour services and you do not need to worry about the crowds of subways, buses and expensive taxis.
  • We will accompany you in Istanbul with an Iranian tour leader fluent in Turkish and take you wherever you like.
  • The car and all its equipment are completely disinfected, so relax and enjoy your trip, because Nila is attentive to everything.

To book any of our services, just send us a message. Travel with Nila Group for sure.

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