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Residence in Turkey through marriage is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Turkey. In this way, you can get Turkish residency. In this article, we are going to talk about the conditions and features of staying in Turkey by getting married.


Immigration through marriage in Turkey

By marrying a man or a woman with a Turkish person or a person who has Turkish citizenship, a foreigner can get a Turkish residence and then a passport of this country. Residence through marriage in Turkey is easier than other immigration methods according to the immigration laws of this country, and if after obtaining Turkish residence and citizenship, the couple’s life together leads to divorce after a few years, the foreign man or woman can lose their citizenship through divorce. does not lose and can still be found in Turkey to live.

Turkey residence conditions through marriage

Each country, based on its immigration laws, has conditions for obtaining residence in different ways. Turkey is one of the easy immigration ways to obtain residence through marriage. To obtain Turkish residence through marriage, the following conditions are required:

اقامت ترکیه از طریق ازدواج 2

At least three years have passed since the couple got married
Husband and wife should live together during this period and be in family unity
A foreigner should not be recognized as a threat to the security of Turkey
Stay away from behaviors that harm married life
Documents must be presented that show the real marriage

A person who is married to a foreigner and lives in Turkey should not be a refugee in Turkey and must have Turkish nationality
If a man is going to marry a woman who lives in Turkey and the woman is already married, at least 300 days must have passed since the divorce of the woman before the marriage permit is issued to the woman.
Boys and girls who want to get married in Turkey must not be under 18 years old
Certificate of mental capacity and health of the couple for marriage

Advantages of immigration through marriage in Turkey

Obtaining Turkish residence and citizenship
Permission to work in Turkish government centers or to establish a personal business
High validity of Turkish passport
The possibility of working and trading in international markets
Free education for children
Benefit from social security insurance and government insurance
Enjoying pensions
The possibility of receiving Turkish names and surnames
Easy to get US or Schengen visa for travel

Steps to obtain Turkish residence by marriage

Going to the Iranian embassy or consulate in Turkey
Received approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey
Signing the required forms in the notary office
Health certificate in the clinics specified by the marriage office
Appointment for marriage from the municipality in Turkish (Evlenme Beyannamasi)
Going to marriage registration centers to obtain a marriage certificate
The presence of two witnesses is required for the marriage

Required documents to obtain Turkish residency through marriage

Completing the application form for Turkish citizenship through marriage
4 passport photos of the Turkish spouse
Submission of affidavits from 2 Turkish citizens along with their contact numbers stating that they know the foreign spouse
Copy of Turkish wife’s birth certificate
Consular document stating that the applicant is single
Notarized copy of passport translated into English
A copy of a foreigner’s birth certificate along with a Turkish translation of the birth certificate
Original and copy of marriage certificate
The address of the couple’s home
Residence permit of a foreigner living in Turkey
A document showing the family life of the couple, such as a lease, bank account, etc.
A photo of the couple taken at least in the last 6 months
If a person who is a citizen of Turkey has been tried in Turkey, he must provide a notarized copy of it
Paying the citizenship application fee and obtaining the payment document (citizenship service fee, signature stamp confirmation and copy certificate issuance)

Important points in immigration through marriage in Turkey

If the spouse dies after obtaining Turkish residence, the condition of “assurance of family unity” is canceled and if the foreign spouse of the deceased has the necessary conditions to obtain Turkish residence, he can apply for Turkish citizenship.
In case of divorce, there will be no change in the citizenship of the couple and they can still be in Turkey
If the Turkish spouse dies before applying for Turkish citizenship, the spouse can still apply for Turkish citizenship

Residency in Turkey through marriage 3

Marriage conditions in Turkey

Conditions are required to perform a legal marriage in Turkey, and only people who have the following conditions are allowed to legally marry in Turkey:

Prohibition of consanguineous marriage
Ability to marry
The condition of being healthy
Completion of the post-divorce period
Being single

Final speech

There are many ways to immigrate to Turkey, one of the easiest and cheapest of them is to immigrate through marriage with a Turkish citizen. You can get a residence permit in Turkey by staying in Turkey through marriage, which has certain conditions and rules according to the mentioned points.

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