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Is it possible to obtain Turkish residency through the birth of a child? Turkish residency is one of the ways for Iranians to reach European and American countries, and you can get Turkish residency in different ways. Some countries give citizenship and residence of the country to the child and his parents through the birth of the baby in the destination country without the parents having residency.

In this regard, the country of Turkey does not grant residency and citizenship to babies who are born without their parents residing in this country. In this article, we are going to talk about the conditions for obtaining Turkish residence through the birth of a child and how to obtain residence for a child.

Residence in Turkey through the birth of a baby

If a foreigner gives birth to a child in Turkey, according to the Turkish immigration laws, there is no obligation to obtain Turkish residence and birth certificate for the child, and parents who legally give birth to their child in this country can have up to 6 months after When a baby is born, apply for Turkish residence and only the baby can live with its parents in this country for up to 6 months without having a Turkish residence card.

It is better for parents to register the birth of the baby within 30 days after the birth of the baby in Turkey, so that the late registration penalty does not apply to them. Likewise, if the child’s parents do not have a Turkish citizenship card or have dual citizenship, the child’s birth must be registered in the consulate of the original country (Iran) in order to issue Iranian identity documents for the child.

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It is not possible to stay in Turkey through the birth of a child in Turkey for the baby and parents if none of the parents have Turkish citizenship and residence permit; That is, when a mother gives birth in Turkey, neither children nor foreign parents without a residence card will not be granted permission to stay in this country; But if the parents reside in Turkey, they can benefit from the free insurance services of the government hospital and after the birth of the baby, they can register the birth in Turkey and the Iranian consulate.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish residence through the birth of a child

Residence through birth in most countries is formed through two ways, soil and blood. The residency of a baby born in Turkey is through blood, and a child whose one parent (father or mother) has Turkish citizenship can apply for Turkish citizenship for their child under the following conditions.

The foreign parent must be fluent in Turkish
legally reside in Turkey for at least 5 years and apply for citizenship Turkey
The presence of the parent in Turkey should not be considered a danger for the country of Turkey
have the financial ability to support the cost of a baby in Turkey

Turkey residence rules through the birth of a foreign child

If both parents of a baby born in Turkey are foreigners but do not live in this country and their child is born in Turkey, the child cannot acquire Turkish citizenship.

If the mother or father have Turkish citizenship, the child will be allowed to acquire Turkish citizenship.
Babies whose parents do not have the citizenship of any country can receive Turkish citizenship under the conditions provided by the Turkish Immigration Department.

If the baby’s father or mother are Turkish citizens, but the baby’s parents are not married, the parents can obtain Turkish residency and citizenship for their child by submitting the required documents.


Residence in Turkey through Birth of child 2


Required documents to register the birth of a foreign baby in Turkey


  • Original and copy of parents’ passport
  • Official translation of the marriage or divorce document in Turkish
  • Address and exact address of the residence of the baby’s parents
  • Certificate of birth of the baby from the hospital
  • Receipt of the fees paid in the civil registry for registering the child’s details
  • Completing the required form in the Turkish civil registry office
  • Certificate of birth of the baby from the Turkish Civil Registry
  • Required documents to obtain residence by birth
  • Marriage or divorce certificate of baby’s parents
  • Identity documents of parents such as passport and birth certificate
  • Residence documents of the baby’s parents
  • Original and copy of the official birth certificate of the baby in Turkey
  • Completing the residence application form for the baby
  • Payment of fees required to obtain residence
  • Receiving an appointment from the Clove system to register the birth of a baby at the Iranian consulate in Turkey
  • 2 pieces of biometric photos of parents

Advantages of obtaining Turkish residence through the birth of a child


  • Dual citizenship of the baby if one of the parents is a foreigner
  • Free child education in Turkish schools
  • Having a high-quality and high-level education system
  • Benefit of free health insurance
  • Obtaining a Turkish passport
  • The standard of living has gone up

Final speech

When a foreign baby is born, some countries allow the baby and his parents to stay in the country of destination; However, in the case of Turkey, there is no law to give permanent residence to the baby after the birth, and the child’s parents must live in this country or one of them must be a citizen of Turkey in order to apply for their child’s residence.

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