Introducing ways of residence and citizenship in Turkey

اقامت ترکیه با اجاره ملک
Do you know the ways of residence and citizenship in Turkey? Be with Nila

Ways of residence and citizenship in Turkey

Turkey, a neighboring country of Iran, due to its proximity, customs, culture, as well as its unique political position and geographical location, in recent years, in addition to many tourists from around the world, has attracted a large number of Iranians to stay and Attract Turkish citizenship. In this article, we intend to examine the ways of obtaining permanent or temporary residence in Turkey and the easiest and cheapest way to achieve Turkish citizenship.

Zero to one hundred Turkish tourist stays

Residence in Turkey through tourism is one of the methods that in recent years has been able to guide a large number of Iranians to obtain Turkish residency. It is worth mentioning that obtaining a short-term tourist stay is different from a tourist trip. Iranian tourists without a visa can stay in Turkey for 3 months (every half year), ie 90 days every 6 months, and during this period Iranians will not need a visa.

اقامت ترکیه با اجاره ملک

How to get a residence permit in Turkey by renting a property?

One of the guaranteed ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is to buy a property worth at least US $ 250,000, but renting a property is sufficient to obtain temporary residence in Turkey.People who intend to stay in Turkey for a longer period (more than 6 months) can do so. Apply for a short-term tourist stay (one year) by renting a property in Turkey. It should be noted that people with a one-year tourist stay in Turkey are not allowed to engage in economic activity.

So if you are planning to stay in Turkey for a long time, we suggest that you do it in other ways.

It should be noted that the Istanbul Immigration Office stated in an official announcement in 2021 that Turkish tourist accommodation is not possible in areas such as Fatih and Snivert, and that people cannot apply for short-term tourist accommodation by renting property in these areas. It has even been announced that foreign nationals will not be able to obtain residency by purchasing property in the Fatih area.

Is it possible to stay in Turkey through work?

The best and least risky way to stay in Turkey and obtain a passport and citizenship is to start a business and apply for a work visa, because the Turkish government is developing day by day and provides economic opportunities for investors and Merchants are provided with the ability to bring their capital to the country with confidence while obtaining residency or citizenship.

Dear applicants for residence in Turkey through work can apply for citizenship after 5 consecutive years of business and work in this country. Of course, it is worth mentioning that in order to obtain Turkish residency through work, you must be fluent in Turkish and have a work permit issued by the relevant organizations.

The work must also be legal and any illegal business activity will deport you to the country of origin.

اقامت ترکیه از طریق کار

Is it possible to stay in Turkey through work?

What is it like to live in Turkey by studying in this country?

The possibility of studying in Turkey will be based on two general methods

  1. Study in universities in this country, including private and public universities
  2. Participation in training classes and courses that are accepted by the Turkish government, it should be noted that by participating in these courses offered by various institutions, you can solve the problem of your residence for the next 1 year and legally obtain your residence for 1 year. Or extend.

Stay in Turkey by buying a house

Buying a house worth at least $ 250,000 and investing in real estate has always been one of the best and safest ways to get a passport and citizenship in Turkey, because we all know that buying a property will actually guarantee the future of the family and create a comfortable environment for our children. A house in Turkey is not just a purchase of property, but with this purchase, you provide the necessary ground for the educational and work growth of your family members in Turkey, and you can have business and educational activities in this country with confidence. If you are buying a property in partnership with a second person, the name of the buyers should be mentioned in the so-called property document (Tapo). Note that if you buy the property as a partnership, you can only temporarily stay in Turkey. Obtaining Turkish citizenship requires buying the property individually.

اقامت ترکیه با خرید ملک

What are the benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Dear Iranians and applicants, in any way they succeed in obtaining Turkish citizenship, they can also receive the citizenship of their spouse and children under the age of 18 and immediately use all the facilities and services of this country formally and legally. These services can be medical, educational And even opening an account in the official banks of this country.
Many Iranian immigrants to Turkey look at Europe, the United States and Canada as a launching pad, for example, obtaining a valid Canadian visa with a Turkish passport and an approved bank tour. With an official credential, he has a higher chance than an Iranian passport.

What does a short stay in Turkey include?

  1. Types of foreign nationals who entered Turkey for work and research projects
  2. Foreign nationals who own real estate worth less than $ 250,000
  3. Foreign nationals who entered the country with the aim of starting a business
  4. People who entered this country for educational purposes and to promote scientific knowledge or to register an invention or research

The last word

Staying in Turkey, because of its advantages, can fully guarantee the future of your job, education and science and that of your family. For consultation and more information, just contact our consultants.

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