Conditions for obtaining Turkish residence by buying a house

Staying in Turkey by buying a house 2


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Residence in Turkey by buying a house

Turkey is a country in the neighborhood of Iran, which is one of the popular countries for people who intend to emigrate due to its culture and customs close to Iran and diverse conditions for obtaining residence. One of the easiest and most hassle-free ways to obtain permanent residence in Turkey, buy a house in Turkey and getting residence. In this article, we are going to talk about the conditions and how to stay in Turkey by buying property.

Conditions for buying a house in Turkey and getting a residence

The conditions and rules of immigration to any country undergo changes every year, and for this reason, you must have up-to-date information available in order to obtain residence in the desired country, so that you do not get into trouble when doing things.

The country of Turkey has provided various and specific conditions for obtaining a residence, based on your conditions, you can apply for a Turkish residence, and one of the easy and simple ways to obtain a Turkish residence is by buying a property.
To buy a house in Turkey, it is better to visit the houses in person and buy a property in Turkey after obtaining enough information and knowledge.
If it is not possible for the buyer to be present in Turkey to buy a house, it is better to draw up a power of attorney through his reliable lawyers so that the lawyer can do the work of document preparation. Note that all transfer conditions must be done legally and with full knowledge to avoid fraud and subsequent problems.

Residence rules in Turkey with property purchase

The minimum amount of property purchase in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship is 400,000 dollars.
If the purchased property is less than the amount specified by the Turkish Immigration Office, you can stay in Turkey for 5 years and then apply for permanent residence.
During 5 years of stay in Turkey, you can leave Turkey for 180 days.
You must not commit any crime during your 5-year stay in Turkey.
People with a bad background cannot buy a house in Turkey.

Stay in Turkey by buying a house 5

After buying a house in Turkey The buyer and his family are granted a one- or two-year convertible residence, and after the end of that, a three-year residence will be granted, and after a 5-year stay in Turkey, you can apply for permanent residence.

Property price in Turkey

You can buy property in Turkey with any budget you have and you will not have any restrictions for buying a house. To buy a house in Turkey, various factors are involved, such as the city and neighborhood you want to buy a house, the size of the house, the facilities of the house, newly built and second-hand houses, the location of the house, access to other urban facilities, etc.; But in general, in order to obtain residence in Turkey, the minimum price of the purchased house in small cities should be 50,000 dollars and in big cities 75,000 dollars, which varies depending on the mentioned factors.

Required documents to obtain Turkish residence by buying a house

Having a house title deed or Tapu
2 passport photos of the buyer and 1 photo of the seller taken in the last 6 months
Obtaining a tax code from the Turkish Tax Office
The municipal certificate related to the valuation of the original house and a copy of the buyer’s passport along with the certified translation of the passport in Turkish
In case of buying a house by proxy, providing the original and translation certified by the Turkish Embassy
Compulsory earthquake insurance
Having knowledge of the Turkish language to read the contract and speak Turkish (otherwise having an official translator)


Stay in Turkey by buying a house 3

Steps of buying property in Turkey

Writing the initial contract in real estate

Giving an amount of house money to the seller by the buyer (usually between 1000 and 3000 euros)
Creating a property sale file in the Real Estate Registry Office by the real estate company
After the property transfer documents are ready, an SMS will be sent to the owner and he will announce the transfer time of the document.
On the specified date, the owner and the buyer go to the real estate registry office and after receiving the full payment, the document is signed and transferred.
The original property document is given to the buyer on the same day after signing.
If the buyer is not present and the property is purchased by proxy, the original power of attorney and its translation approved by the Turkish Embassy must be in the file from the first day of the application.

Staying in Turkey by buying a house 4

Advantages of staying in Turkey by buying property

The possibility of opening a bank account in Turkey
Obtaining permanent residence in Turkey
Reasonable house prices in Turkey compared to Iran and other European countries
Permission to establish a company and start a business
Obtaining a Turkish passport by buying a property
The possibility of free education for children
Use of Turkish health insurance
Using semi-free services in Turkey

last word

Turkey is a modern and advanced country that has seen significant growth in immigration and tourism in recent years. On the other hand, Turkey is a suitable option for living and working due to its proximity to Iran and cheap accommodation conditions compared to other countries. In this article, we tried to talk about how to stay in Turkey by buying a house.

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