Meet Nila team !!

We are a young and energetic team that has been working in the field of tourism and providing special services to our customers for many years. Honesty and health are very important to us in our work and we try to provide distinctive and valuable services to our audience.

Our services

What do we do for you?

In addition to tourism in the field of health and medical tourism, Nila also provides useful services.

Providing beauty services

Provides cosmetic services including hair transplantation, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry. With world class and competitive prices with other European countries.

Real estates

We are contracted with many projects in the field of real estate and our art is to introduce the best investment opportunities to you. If you are planning to buy a house in Turkey or Istanbul; It is not bad to consult with us! Rest assured you will not regret it.

Urban and airport transfer services

One of our important services is VIP transfer. Benz Vito vanes with a capacity of 6 people are one of our most popular services. Experience Istanbul airport transfer and city tour with us.

PCR testing services

On-site corona test, anti-blind test, blood test at your place of residence or hotel are some of the services provided to tourists. Nila cooperates with the best laboratories in Istanbul in this field.
If you need medical services, just contact us.

“Nila Trip” is one of the most successful Iranian tourism companies in Turkey, which has an official license (Toursab) from the Turkish Tourism Authority. We have experience of holding many tours in Turkey and cover the best tourist destinations in Turkey.

Our office in Istanbul is also one step away from Taksim Square.

But the most important part of our work is holding nature tours in the heart of pristine and beautiful nature of Turkey. Places that make you feel good.

We are a group of professionals who have traveled all over Turkey and we have an attractive and cool tour for every season.

Experience the passion, excitement and pleasure of your trip as a gift to travel with us.

So close your suitcase as soon as we want to move.

If you are looking for special and flawless services and you want all the facilities to be available to you, Nila can be a great option for you.