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What do you know about the title deed in Turkey? In recent years, with the increase in construction in Turkey, foreign investors who intend to buy property in Turkey have increased, and this has caused Iranians who intend to buying property in Turkey are trying to get complete information. In this article, we are going to talk about tapu and types of documents in Turkey.


Document in Turkey

Tapu or property deed is a document that legally provides the right to own property to a person. In this way, when people buy property anywhere in the world, they need a title document to prove their ownership of the property. In Turkey, these property documents are called tapu.

People who buy real estate in Turkey according to the law of Turkey They should go to the real estate registry office and get their title deed. In this situation, the official document will be registered in the archives of the office and the tapu will be handed over to the new owner in a sealed form, and you will have the right to own all the privileges of the property by holding the tapu.

Required documents to transfer the document

Receive the tax code from the finance department of the desired city in Turkey
Photo of seller and buyer
Official translator if needed for the buyer to translate
Municipality letter and termination of employment
Identification documents of buyer and seller such as valid passport, national card or translated birth certificate
Document of the desired property
Power of attorney approved by Iran’s judiciary (if the property is purchased)
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Deed Transfer Procedures in Turkey’s Tapu Office

First, the seller must submit his request to transfer the document to the Turkish Land Registry and then submit the required documents to the registry office.
Between the seller’s request to transfer the document and the final signing of the document, the transfer fee must be paid, which includes taxes, stamp duty and capital turnover.
After preparing the property document, the notary office will send an SMS to the buyer and seller stating the time and date for signing, which will take about 1 to 2 days.
If one or both parties are foreigners and their Turkish language is weak, an official translator must be present in the notary office and explain how to transfer the document.
After signing the contract between the two parties, the document is printed and delivered to the buyer.

The cost of document transfer in Turkey

Deed transfer fee or Tapu Harci is 4% of the property value that you have to pay when transferring the deed, in between 2% for the buyer’s equity holders and 2% for the seller’s equity holders.
After the transfer of the document is completed, you will go to the municipality and register the property, and after that, the annual fees will be determined, the amount of fees depends on the type of property and the location of the property.

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Tapu colors

Turkey red tapo

A red tapu is a property document that is given to the buyer after the construction of the property is completed, and in this tapu all the privileges and facilities that the buyer has from the property are written. The red tapu is given to owners who own floors and have purchased a residential property and apartment. The red tapu itself is divided into two categories:

Irtifak cut document

This type of document is called a document in which the buyer has purchased a property or land in the form of a share, and in which the buyer’s share of the land is specified. Cut Airtifak document is mostly used in the projects that are under construction, and the possibility of residence permit and obtaining citizenship is available for the buyer with this document.

Mulkit cut document

This type of document shows the definite ownership right of the property and land, and the original and final document of the property is the ownership certificate. This type of document is necessary for habitable properties and mostly for finished and complete projects.

Turkey Blue Tapu

Blue tapu is assigned to the lands that are constructed without building permits and permits. If you buy land in Turkey where construction has not yet been completed or construction has just started, you will be awarded a blue tapu.

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Important tips for obtaining Turkish tapo

To avoid fraud and legal problems, it is better to seek help from an expert in real estate.
Note that when signing the initial contract, pay only 10% of the property amount as a deposit and pay the rest after the transfer.
It is necessary to write what you agreed with the seller during the purchase in the document. Therefore, if your knowledge of the language is small, it is better to get the help of a translator.
Do not pay any amount before getting complete information about the property.
Be sure to get a copy of the property deed from the seller before setting up the initial contract between the buyer and the seller.

Final word

If you intend to buy a property in Turkey, you must proceed legally and after transferring the document, you must legally obtain a tapu, which is the same document in Turkey.

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