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Turkey work visa

One of the visas of interest to people who intend to immigrate to Turkey is staying in Turkey through work and getting a Turkish work visa.

By obtaining a Turkish work visa, in addition to obtaining a Turkish residence, you can be sure of having a legal job. In this article, we are going to talk about working residence in Turkey and the conditions for obtaining a Turkish work visa.


Turkey residence conditions through work

One of the suitable immigration options for people with work experience and experts who intend to immigrate to Turkey is to obtain a Turkish work visa. In this way, conditions are provided for job applicants, considering them, they can obtain all kinds of work permits according to their conditions and start working in Turkey.

Turkey is one of the countries that accept immigrants and one of the suitable destinations for those who intend to immigrate to countries close to Iran.

Residence in Turkey through work is suitable for foreign nationals who legally intend to work and operate with the official permission of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and if people are employed somewhere without obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Labor, it is considered a crime and if the foreign national is identified, they will be fired. will be


Types of Turkish work visas

Temporary work permit


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It is received by the employer for the foreign employee. In this way, the employee has received a work permit in Turkey for one year and after the end of one year, he can apply for the extension of the permit if he works for the same employer.


If the extension request is approved after the evaluation, the applicant will be given a 2-year work permit. At the end of these three years, the individual’s work residence will change to three years.

permanent work permit

Permanent work permits are given to people who have lived in Turkey for at least 8 years and whose activities are beneficial for Turkey’s economic growth; Or for those who have lived in Turkey for a period of 6 years, a permanent work permit is given.

Freelance work permit

The independent work permit is suitable for people who intend to start an independent and self-employed business in Turkey, provided they demonstrate their eligibility to obtain an independent work permit.

By receiving an independent work permit, a foreign national is allowed to live in Turkey for at least 5 years without interrupting his business, and at the end of 5 years, if his job has a positive impact on the Turkish economy, the residence permit will be extended for another 5 years.


permission to work with a turquoise card

Turquoise card work permit is granted to foreigners who have high and sufficient university education, suitable work experience and conditions necessary to improve the economy and employment of Turkey, and has all the benefits of a permanent work permit. People who have a turquoise card will enjoy all citizenship rights and health insurance and social security.


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Required documents for Turkey work visa

Identification documents along with four passport photos, educational documents translated with the seal of the Immigration Department, along with a copy of the graduation certificate, translated if needed, and the grade point average and transcripts of the last academic degree.
Original passport with at least 6 months validity

The employment contract letter signed by the employer along with the online work permit application form
Medical health certificate certified by a recognized doctor

Issued copy of residence permit for at least 6 months
Obtaining a skill certificate for people who intend to work in the education sector
Providing a bank account printout to confirm financial ability

Providing the original and copy of the work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor
Providing a copy of the work contract for people who will work in tourism companies along with a letter of recommendation in Turkish


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Advantages of staying in Turkey through work

Benefiting from the right market for investment and business start-up
Need for young and talented workforce
Having a convenient geographical location between Asia and Europe
Allowing the spouse and dependent children to stay


Steps to obtain Turkish business residence

Online submission of the work visa application along with the necessary documents from the Turkish employee or employer to the Ministry of Labor of Turkey

Individuals who wish to obtain a Turkish work permit independently can send their application to the Turkish consulate

Delivery of all required documents to the Turkish Ministry of Labor after 6 days of submitting the online application
Document review and work visa application by the Ministry of Labor of Turkey


Turkey work visa 6

Information about the result of Turkish work visa application online and form
After receiving the work permit in Turkey, the accepted person must submit his application for Turkish work residence within one month after receiving the work permit.

Final speech

Turkey is an advanced and beautiful country that is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of economy, especially tourism. This country is one of the countries of interest for Iranian immigrants who intend to emigrate due to its proximity to Iran and receiving a comfortable stay compared to other countries.

One of the visas that have attracted the attention of Iranians is the Turkish work visa, which is suitable for professionals and people with a high work experience.

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