What are the characteristics of Turkish international schools?

ویژگی های مدارس بین ‌المللی ترکیه

Turkish International Schools and the facilities they provide to students? Be with Nila

Turkey International Schools

Turkey is an Asian-European country with a special geographical location, with numerous international schools that provide up-to-date and practical education in line with international standards, which is why immigrants living in Turkey want their children to attend these schools.

There are many international schools in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, where education is mostly in English.
Turkey’s international schools generally range from kindergarten to high school, teaching in English, French and German.

The degree provided by these schools is highly regarded and graduates of these schools can submit their school diplomas anywhere in the world.

General conditions of study in Turkey

The general education plan in Turkey, like in Iran, consists of two levels, primary and secondary, where all public school fees are paid and supported by the Turkish government.

Studying in Turkey for 12 years in primary and secondary education is completely free (except for private and international schools) and compulsory for the general public. Education in Turkish public schools is provided in Istanbul Turkish.

Turkish students begin their primary education at the age of 6 in September.

What are the admission requirements for international schools in Turkey?

Studying in international schools in Turkey is one of the choices of families to educate their children.
They generally follow a specific curriculum. Over the past few years, according to statistics reported by these schools, most of them have implemented a specific curriculum in the United States, France or the United Kingdom in their schools. Schools are accepted in all countries.

 پذیرش در مدارس بین ‌المللی ترکیه

Facilities and how to enroll in Turkish international schools

Admission conditions and stages in Turkish international schools are different and the space and number of students is very limited.
Turkish international school fees also vary, and this difference in price is not simply due to the neighborhood and the school district, as some of these international schools offer more specific programs, services and facilities, which makes them more expensive than other schools. Other receiving schools.

Introducing some of the top international schools in Turkey

1. British International School Istanbul

The school offers its courses according to the UK National Education Program and the International Diploma Program is also part of the school’s strategic plans, which is why it is one of the most prestigious and well-known schools in the UK School Board. Uniforms are required at this school.

2. Istanbul International School

The school is located in one of the greenest areas of Istanbul and offers its program in three levels of preschool, elementary and high school. Also, Istanbul International School, in addition to the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Education, is one of the prestigious Cambridge schools.

معرفی مدارس بین ‌المللی ترکیه

3. American High School (Üsküdar)

This school is one of the most prominent schools in Turkey, and its program is based on the American system and courses such as Turkish literature, social studies and English language teaching are offered in this school.

4. American College (AEC)

This private college is one of the educational centers in Turkey, which is linked to North American and European universities, and the degree offered by this college has a high reputation.

5. Istanbul French School

The school in the Turkish education system teaches all subjects from elementary to high school in French, and the degree provided by the French school in Istanbul allows students to pursue higher education in French public universities.

The last word
Istanbul is one of the most popular destinations that many families choose to educate their children. Turkey’s international schools provide students with the opportunity to study with special facilities and obtain a valid international degree.

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