با ورزش اسکی و نکات ایمنی آن آشنا شوید

skiing| a fun and engaging sport
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You may think that skiing is a new sport, but you should know that this sport is one of the oldest man-made ways to travel in the snow.

The sport in the Icelandic language means snow shoes.

Some historians believe that even the origin of skiing dates back to the Stone Age, and sculptures have been found that show humans doing this sport. This sport has special sticks that are produced in a curved manner and in the past Animal bones have also been used to make them. If you want to know more about this sport, be sure to read this article so that you can get fully acquainted with it.

با ورزش اسکی و نکات ایمنی آن آشنا شوید


Skiing is a very exciting sport that was first discovered in Norway. In fact, the town of Morgdal is known as the cradle of the sport, because the area has been very snowy for a long time and there are many tournaments. In winter, when the natives went hunting or traveling in the mountains of this city, they used special sticks when returning.

Over time, skiing competitions took place and in 1767, skiing competitions were held between several people. Then the competition progressed and different examples emerged.

Over time, people also invented art shows, because at that time people were fascinated by jumping and could do so using ski poles.

با ورزش اسکی و نکات ایمنی آن آشنا شوید

All kinds of skiing

Skiing, like all other sports, has different types, each of which has its own rules and conditions. In the following, we are going to examine the types of this sport.

Alpine or downhill skiing, one of the types of skiing

Alpine skiing is one of the most popular sports. With a special chair, you can go to the top of the mountain and start skiing. Of course, note that this type of sport has special equipment that must be prepared in advance. Buy.

با ورزش اسکی و نکات ایمنی آن آشنا شوید

free style

Freestyle is another popular sport. In this type of skiing, usually beautiful rotational and aerobic movements are seen. Of course, you should keep in mind that this sport is usually competitive and skiers can compete with each other in various fields, including jumps, acrobatic movements, Mongolian movement. The air is big and Mongolian is dual.

با ورزش اسکی و نکات ایمنی آن آشنا شوید

Outdoor or desert

In this type, instead of using the lift, go skiing in the desert. The downhill speed of this type of sport is not as high as the alpine one. The desert type is more aerobic and cheaper, because in this method you do not have to pay for a lift. The skis are light and move forward on their own, crossing smooth terrain over slopes.

با ورزش اسکی و نکات ایمنی آن آشنا شوید


Skiing, in its early years, was a form of sport and recreation with a stick, usually made of walnut wood. And increases a person’s resistance. In 1990, skiing was usually done with foam-coated wood, both layers of which were covered with fiberglass mixed with Kevlar, aluminum, titanium, or carbon for strength, with a plastic layer added at the end. .

با ورزش اسکی و نکات ایمنی آن آشنا شوید

Familiarity with the slope and slope in skiing

As mentioned, skiing is classified into different types, and for this reason, its slopes have their own different types. For this reason, in order to be well acquainted with this sport, you must also know the types of tracks.

The tracks of this exciting sport are created by a series of special machines. This machine compacts the snow and provides a smooth environment for skiing.

If the ski environment is not smooth and compact, snow may fall while skiing and the skiers may drown. For this reason, it is better to choose a track and an environment where the snow is well compacted, where you do not want to have a problem. Of course, note that the slopes of the ski slopes are also shown using special colors, each of which is described below.

Red: For intermediate level
Green color: has a gentle and comfortable slope
Blue: Comfortable slope but no depth
Black: Advanced gradient

با ورزش اسکی و نکات ایمنی آن آشنا شوید


Each sport has its own risks, but you can use different methods to reduce these risks.

One of the most important points to increase safety in skiing is the use of appropriate safety equipment.

Note that in this case, you should not consider the cost of this equipment and look at it as a kind of investment to prevent further damage.

Using boots, hats, proper glasses, etc., can have a great impact on the safety of your exercise.

Another very important way to increase safety while skiing is to do it with a friend and a professional. By doing this, you can exercise safely and even if you have a problem, You can be sure that someone will come to your aid.

ورزش اسکی

Concluding remarks

In this article, we were with you to review the tips and history of skiing. This sport has become very popular in recent years and many people have started learning it. Skiing is a sport that both brings you a lot of excitement and can help your fitness. So if you are interested in it, start skiing today.

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