شهر ساپانجا در ترکیه

Sapanca | A piece of paradise near the bustling city of Istanbul

The city of Sapanca with its pristine and scenic scenery that you have never seen before

You may be interested to know that near a bustling city like Istanbul where absolute tranquility does not make sense and almost all people are there to do something special and rush from side to side, there is a small town that has exemplary tranquility and The scenery and climate is similar to paradise. The city of Sapanca has one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Turkey and every year many tourists come to visit this small town from Istanbul. In this article, we will talk about the charms of this small town (village) and also tell you the important points that you need to know about it. Stay with us.

شهر ساپانجا در ترکیه

The city of Sapanca and its natural landscapes

The city of Sapanca is one of the cities of Sakarya province in the southeast of Istanbul. The city has attracted a lot of tourists and even the citizens of Turkey (especially Istanbul) in recent years due to its pristine and amazing nature as well as its extremely beautiful lake. The total population of this city is about 100 thousand people, which is a small and secluded city.

Spectacular views and amenities

The most famous tourist attractions of Sapanca are the unique lake and the surrounding forest parks, which have formed a unique landscape. The city has good facilities for tourists who visit it every year, as well as various resorts and guesthouses for their hospitality.

شهر ساپانجا در ترکیه

Ways to go to Sapanca and access it

The Turkish tourism industry has a special view of this region and is always increasing its facilities. There are currently two ways to access this pristine area. One by train and the other by car and bus. The vast majority of those who come to this area have come from Istanbul and have been there before Sapanca. These people came to Sapanca city either by car and bus from Sapanca special highway or used the train lines along the way and got off the train in Sapanca.

شهر ساپانجا در ترکیه

Picnics all over the city

As a tourist, you can spread out mats, sit and eat anywhere in this beautiful area, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In fact, in Sapanca, there are different types of natural landscapes such as lake shores, lush forests, etc., and you are not limited to choosing one place. Almost everywhere in Sapanca, where there is a beautiful view, there is a good restaurant from which you can prepare your food and enjoy your food on or off the restaurant or on the floor or on the couch. That is, if the place where you plan to picnic is a popular area, it may be crowded when you go there and you will not find a place to spread out. So be sure to get there a little earlier than usual (for example, early in the morning).

شهر ساپانجا

Different foods in the city of Sapanca

The lovely feature of Sapanca is that you are not limited to eating certain foods there and there are different types of food from different nations that make the flavors not repetitive for you and you can have a new experience at every meal. For example you can have lunch Go for delicious Turkish food and taste the famous trout fish of the same region, which is cooked in a special way, and go to Arabic restaurants for dinner and enjoy the different flavors of Arabic food. In addition, these restaurants are almost everywhere, and in any area you are in, you can definitely find a restaurant near you, and you do not have to travel long distances to find a restaurant.

شهر ساپانجا در ترکیه

Sapanca is a city for all kinds of entertainment

One of the healthy pastimes of Sapanca is that you can rent a bicycle and walk around its famous and beautiful lake or go to a forest park and enjoy walking in it and watching the unique nature of God. You can also smoke and use hookahs from coffee shops or some of the restaurants in this city, or go to the amusement park and play team paintball in special towns. If you want to go shopping, you can go to the handicraft market and buy local products there. The type of entertainment in this city depends on you and you can enjoy your stay in this tourist city as much as you want.

شهر ساپانجا

Swimming in the lake

One of the most unique swimming experiences you can have is swimming in Sapanca Lake. If you have a chance in the summer and go to this city, be sure to try swimming in the lake. In fact, in summer the lake conditions are very suitable for swimming. In summer, the weather in Sapanca is relatively warm, but not so much that it warms the lake water. For this reason, swimming in Lake Sapanca is one of the favorite pastimes of the locals and guest tourists in summer.

شهر ساپانجا در ترکیه

Concluding remarks

Most people who go to Istanbul, Turkey for leisure or work, get tired of the hustle and bustle of the city after a while and the rest of the trip may be boring for them. In these cases, the best way to regain energy and good mood is a short trip to Sapanca. The city with its unique tranquility hidden in nature is the best source of energy for people who are tired of the hustle and bustle. Our advice is that if you travel to Turkey, especially Istanbul, go to this city for a day. And make the most of its beautiful nature.

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