Rafting, as a fun sport

ورزش رفتینگ، به عنوان یک ورزش مفرح

Rafting as a fun sport | Familiarity with this sport and its safety tips
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Get acquainted from Rafting

Rafting is one of the most exciting and exciting sports in which people use an inflatable boat to move the roaring rivers. As you can guess, the course of these rivers is unpredictable and as a result, this sport can be very challenging and dangerous. However, like any other professional sport, there are points that you can follow to enjoy this sport and not see any harm. In the following, we will explain more about this sport, its benefits and safety points.

ورزش رفتینگ، به عنوان یک ورزش مفرح

Equipment needed for this sport

You will need the following equipment to do rafting:


Or inflatable boats used in this sport (this sport is standard for 8 people, but more or less this number can also form a team.)

Life jacket

If you fall into the water, it will prevent you from drowning.


If it falls out of the boat or overturns, it prevents the athlete from hitting hard objects.


Which should be light and comfortable and move the water easily.

ورزش رفتینگ، به عنوان یک ورزش مفرح

Types of rafting levels

In general, rafting is performed in six levels of difficulty – from simple to very dangerous – as follows:

Class 1

At this level there is no news of roaring and fast water and movement on the water is done without the slightest problem. This level is very useful for getting acquainted with sports.

Class 2

At this level the water is slightly wavy and has small rocks and you need to maneuver in it.

Class 3

There are more medium and maneuver waves than level two at this level.

ورزش رفتینگ، به عنوان یک ورزش مفرح

Class 4

Due to the large waves, rocks and long roaring sections at this level, you will need more maneuver than at level 3.

Class 5

Rafting in Class 5 has big and long waves. There may also be large, sharp rocks in the path. This level is very dangerous and requires quick reactions of athletes.

Class 6

The most dangerous level of rafting, which can lead to serious injury or drowning, and usually contains roaring and even impassable parts.

ورزش رفتینگ، به عنوان یک ورزش مفرح

Safety Tips in Rafting

Although it looks very dangerous from the outside, and you may have seen some breathtaking moments on TV, it can rarely pose serious risks to you if you follow its safety tips. To reduce the potential risks, it is better to observe the following:

Use quality equipment

You may endanger your life by using poor quality and non-standard equipment such as a shovel or paddle. Be sure to buy these items from reputable centers.

Always have a life jacket.

A life jacket is very important. So you should always wear it, but keep in mind that a life jacket can only help keep you afloat. One of the most useful skills in this sport is swimming skills. You must know at least the most basic swimming skills to be able to get to the river bank or the nearest safe place.

ورزش رفتینگ، به عنوان یک ورزش مفرح

Take your helmet seriously

No matter how good you are at rafting, some things are out of your control and at any moment you may lose control of the whole boat and you will be thrown into the water. Roaring rivers are not pools of water and what is in them. It is not predictable. So you should never underestimate the wearing of a helmet.

Wear appropriate clothing

For rafting, long-sleeved and elastic clothes are used that, firstly, do not obstruct the movements of the athlete’s body and secondly, prevent intense and direct sunlight. The best clothes for this sport are diving suits. In addition to better clothing, use sunglasses with high UV so that your vision is not disturbed along the way.

Choose the right team

The skills of the team members play an important role in the success of this sport. Weak teammates can cause your boat to capsize and fall into the water. Team members must match the level you have chosen.

ورزش رفتینگ، به عنوان یک ورزش مفرح

The most famous rafting rivers in Turkey

Rafting cannot be done in every river. These rivers must have a suitable width and length and a sufficient volume of water. In addition, they are not blocked by large rocks. Fortunately, there are many rivers in Turkey for this sport, and many tours are organized to travel to them every month.

Some of the most important of these rivers are as follows:

Çoruh River

It is one of the most famous and fastest rivers in the world, located in the city of Artvin in the northeastern part of Turkey. This river is in the list of top 10 rivers in the world for rafting and annually hosts thousands of people interested in this sport. The Çoruh River is 169 km long and has 4 difficult stages that both professional and amateur boaters can enjoy.

ورزش رفتینگ، به عنوان یک ورزش مفرح

Köprülü River

This river is located in Antalya province and is the most popular rafting destination in Turkey and has a very beautiful nature.

Fırtına River

This river is famous for its beautiful bridges. Firtina is located in the province of Rize, where there are many tea plantations and its beauty is multiplied and rafting enthusiasts at the professional and amateur levels can enjoy it.

Dalaman River

For those who want to experience rafting for the first time, this river can be a good option. Dalaman River has two different routes due to the level of rafting difficulty and along its 229 km you will see unique nature. This river is located in the Mediterranean part of Turkey.

Göksu River

This river in Mersin province is a very wide river in which not only rafting, but also other water sports are possible.

Munzur River Munzur Stream

It is a beautiful river with the best time for rafting in May and July and it is 20 km long.

ورزش رفتینگ، به عنوان یک ورزش مفرح

The following rivers are also among the best rafting rivers in Turkey, which host a large number of rafting enthusiasts every year:

  • Zamanti River in Kayseri
  • Mellen River in Dozje
  • Essen River in Mugla
  • Bakili River in Denizli
  • Ermenek River in Karaman
ورزش رفتینگ، به عنوان یک ورزش مفرح

Concluding remarks

Rafting is a very exciting group sport that is a great opportunity to drain your energy and have fun.

This sport is a great option for people who are interested in group sports and are looking for a little excitement and risk in their lives.

You can start this sport from a very beginner level and gradually increase your skills. In addition, all members of your family (male or female) and even teenagers can do it.

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