Prince Islands in Istanbul

جزایر پرنس در استانبول

Prince Islands in Istanbul | One of the best choices for those who are looking for peace

Prince Islands in Istanbul and unique tranquility and nature

The Princes’ Islands in Istanbul are one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Turkey, located in the Asian part of Istanbul, Turkey. This beautiful archipelago includes 9 small and large islands named Yasi Ada, Taushan Ada, Sadaf Ada, Sivari Ada, Qashiq Ada, Kianli Ada, Burgaz Ada, Hibli Ada and Buick Ada. Among the islands we mentioned, the first 5 are non-residential and there are no amenities. But the last 4 islands are completely residential and touristy and there are all kinds of amenities and recreational facilities in it. In fact, these 4 islands are known as the Prince Islands. In this article, we want to introduce these 4 islands and examine their features and attractions together; So stay with us until the end of the article.

جزایر پرنس در استانبول

Reason for naming the Prince Islands

This tourist archipelago, which thousands of people go to Turkey to see today, has never had such a use before and is mostly considered a place of punishment and punishment for people. It is interesting to know that the use of the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul dates back to the Byzantine Empire, when treacherous courtiers were exiled by the king to protect the government from them. It has been in it and this name has remained on it until today. Of course, the princes were exiled to five other islands in addition to the four islands that now have tourist space.

جزایر پرنس در استانبول

The charms of the Prince Islands

In this section, we will discuss some of the fascinating features of the Prince Islands and describe the best entertainment you can have there.

Swimming and water sports on the private beach

Part of the island’s beach is prepared for tourists to swim and all the necessary facilities are provided for them along the beach. Anyone can dive into the Sea of ​​Marmara and enjoy swimming in it. There are also a variety of water sports in the coastal areas of the islands and everyone can use them for a fee. Water sports and recreation are very popular in the Prince Islands of Istanbul during the summer, and many people from different cities in Turkey go there during the summer holidays.

جزایر پرنس در استانبول

Clean and healthy climate

You might be surprised to learn that there are no fossil fuel vehicles, such as cars or engines, inside the Prince Islands. In fact, one of the rules and regulations of the Prince Islands in Istanbul is that no one has the right to use vehicles that pollute the environment except the police and government forces. In fact, one of the attractions of the Prince Islands is the clean air that many people use to travel to the Prince Islands for a few days. People and tourists either have to walk or use equipment such as bicycles or Electric vans to get to different parts of the island.

جزایر پرنس در استانبول

Restaurant tour in the Prince Islands

One of the favorite pastimes of people traveling and vacationing is touring and eating food in the area. The Princes’ Islands in Istanbul, especially Buyuk Ada Island, has a variety of hotels, restaurants and cafes serving a variety of Turkish and non-Turkish dishes. The island’s famous dishes include special shrimp and grilled fish, but in general the seafood of the island’s restaurants is famous in Turkey, and many people go there just to taste the special seafood of the island.

جزایر پرنس در استانبول

Visit the historical sites of the islands

As we said at the beginning of the article, the Prince Islands in Istanbul are not newly established and have a long history. For this reason, there are several historical sites in the archipelago that are worth visiting. For example, the Greek Orphanage on the island of Buyukada is a very large historical building made of wood and is more than 100 years old, or the house of the famous Russian politician Leon Trotsky, which is now a museum in the islands, all They are considered as ancient monuments of Turkey.

Use of unique landscapes

The unique views and landscapes of this island can be a great opportunity to capture your beautiful images. If you are looking for a place to travel where you can take good photos, the Prince Islands are definitely one of the best options. It is interesting to know that many nature photographers come to this island to photograph nature and the environment.

جزایر پرنس در استانبول

Access to the Prince Islands in Istanbul

The archipelago is accessible only by sea and has no access other than by boat or ship, as it has no airport and no bridges or highways. But do not worry, every day at different times ships and passenger boats come to the island by land and it is not difficult to cross. To get to the Prince Islands, you can both board large passenger boats with a capacity of several hundred people and use fast boats with a maximum capacity of 12 people and get to the island faster, and it is natural that using fast boats costs more than They have passenger boats.

جزایر پرنس در استانبول

Concluding remarks

If you are looking for a place to travel that you can relax for a few days away from the noise of the car and the polluted air and get energy from the environment, Prince Islands in Istanbul can definitely be one of your best choices. On this island, you can only hear the sound of leaves hitting each other, birds of the sky and beach waves, and you are safe from any noise pollution. To eat, you can fish from the sea yourself and you can also use a variety of foods in different restaurants on the islands.

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