What is paragliding?

What is paragliding? Introducing this exciting sport and its destinations in Turkey

Paragliding, an exciting sport

Paragliding is a risky recreational and competitive sport that can generate a lot of adrenaline in your body. You will. To learn more about this sport, be sure to read on.

پاراگلایدینگ یک ورزش مهیج

Familiarity with the history of paragliding

The formation of the sport of parachuting was first introduced by NASA in the 1960s. At the time, this method was used to reduce the damage of spacecraft when landing from parachutes. This method was common before the invention of shuttles, but during these studies, positive activities were carried out to advance automatic parachutes and free fall.

There was no such thing as a parachute until about 1985, but around 1986, Swiss climbers used it to descend the mountain. Of course, the device they used was more like a free-falling umbrella, and over time , Changed to its present form. The joy of descending the mountain with an umbrella made it an independent sport for the sport, which is very popular today around the world.

پاراگلایدینگ یک ورزش مهیج

How to do paragliding

To fly a paraglider, the paratrooper gently jumps down from the slope of the mountain and slides off the mountain in a sliding manner, and does not need to fall or jump off a cliff to begin the flight.

Note that sitting and getting up with a paraglider is done slowly and is equal to a person’s physical ability to run. The point to keep in mind is that when flying, there will be no fear of falling to humans, and this situation is not at all comparable to climbing a mountain or looking in horror from the top of a tall building to the ground .

پاراگلایدینگ یک ورزش مهیج

Your flight can start in several forms. In the first method, the paratrooper quickly blows in the opposite direction of the wind and pulls the parachute behind him. The wind blows under the umbrella, causing it to vibrate and eventually cause the paratrooper to fly.

If the wind is stronger, sometimes the paratrooper first stands in the opposite direction to separate the paraglider from the ground and then turns around and starts running to separate from the ground.

These methods are usually done in mountainous areas so that the paratrooper can use the difference in altitude with the lower ground to continue the flight.

In the second method, which is usually used in low areas, the paratrooper is pulled with the help of another device to reach the appropriate height. It then detaches from the rope by which it is pulled and flies independently.

پاراگلایدینگ یک ورزش مهیج

Paragliding pilot

Paragliding is actually the simplest type of flight for humans. A paraglider is a bird without a running engine ready to fly. Training, getting up, landing as well as transporting this device is very simple.

The paraglider is made of a special type of nylon that is attached to the parachute chair by Kevlar hangers.

The paratrooper is also fastened to the seat by seat belts and easily flies sitting inside. In fact, you will be like a bird with a paraglider, and with it you can soar in the air for hours and soar, and you can even travel with it.

پاراگلایدینگ یک ورزش مهیج

Do you know the dangers of paragliding?

Flying with a paraglider is very beautiful and enjoyable and it is a constant personal competition.

Flying with this device is a combination of body movements and brain control that are mixed together in a wonderful game.

There are several things that can endanger your safety during this exercise. For example, a group of birds can cause problems in some cases.

Of course, most of these accidents may be caused by carelessness or mistakes. In the field of paragliding, you should know that the dangers of this sport are even less than mountaineering, cave climbing, skiing and motorcycling. Use of safe and appropriate equipment, periodic inspection of equipment, adequate knowledge of meteorology and avoiding flying in bad weather, having ground support, avoiding flying individually and participating in team and group programs, etc., are other issues. Which can make this sport safer and more enjoyable.


Where are the best destinations for paragliding in Turkey?

The climatic and mountainous conditions of some cities in Turkey provide excellent conditions for paragliding and therefore it is very beautiful as one of the best entertainments when traveling to this country.

Be sure to put this program at the top of your to-do list if you want to travel to this country.

Istanbul is one of the best places to fly in Turkey. Every corner of the Mediterranean stretches to the warm, clean waters of the South Aegean Sea, which provide excellent conditions for flying.

In the southwest of Turkey, there is a small village called Oludeniz, which is a small recreational area.

پاراگلایدینگ یک ورزش مهیج

The village is famous for its turquoise and orange brick canopies and is one of the five most famous beaches in the world that attracts the most tourists.

One of the best pastimes on this beach is paragliding.

The very good position of Baba Mountain and its impressive height, on the seafront, has created a suitable place for paragliding, which has unique views. In addition, the weather is unfavorable for flying less than a day, and you can travel and fly to Al-Duniz in the summer, regardless of the weather report.

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