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Release time of this tour : 2021/08/01

Şile and Ağva

The beaches of Şile and Ağva in the northeast of Istanbul, located in the Asian part of the Black Sea with its famous beaches, have always welcomed Iranian tourists. Şile is one of the oldest cities in Turkey, dating back to BC. Şile's summer climate is milder than other parts of Istanbul due to rainfall, which is why it attracts a lot of people to its beaches in summer.

Chile Beach Tour Details

  • According to the weekly schedule, every Saturday, Nilatrip holds a Şile and Ağva tour.
  • This tour starts with a transfer from your place of residence.
  • The distance between Şile and Ağva to Istanbul is about 78 km.
  • After reaching the Chile region, the first place we visit is the beautiful Lake Saklegel. The lake has ideal views for photography.
  • Then we take a boat on the Ağva River and enjoy the beautiful view of the river.
  • There are beautiful restaurants and cafes around the river and lunch is served in one of the restaurants.
  • After this Ağva go to the beach and the beach.
    • Hoping to see you dear ones in the upcoming tours of Nilatrip

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