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Release time of this tour : 2021/07/31

Sapanja tourist attractions

Istanbul is a busy and bustling city and some may be looking for a way out of this hustle and bustle. One of the quiet cities near Istanbul is the city of Sapanja with various natural attractions. The city is located in the eastern part of Istanbul and is two hours away from Istanbul. Due to the attention of tourists to this city, the Turkish government is increasing the facilities and taking care of this green area.

Sapanca Tourist Attractions

Sapanja, as we said, is a green and quiet area. The most important tourist attraction of this region is Lake Sapanja, which is surrounded by meadows and a little further away, mountains and has a pleasant atmosphere. This area is the meeting place of all kinds of natural attractions, including mountains, plains and forests.

Special facilities of this area include cycling around the lake and there is also the possibility of boating on the lake.

In this beautiful city, there is a forest park and a waterfall, and Nila tries to make you enjoy walking in this area to the fullest.

In addition, there are other facilities in Sapanja such as zip line and four-wheel motor.

Sapanja tour details

This tour is open on Sundays and comes with transfers and lunch. In this one-day tour, we try to make good use of the facilities of this area in the beautiful nature of Sapanja and create a pleasant walking experience for you.

Sapanja tour cost

The cost of a day trip to Sapanja with round trip transfer and lunch is 150 lira.

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