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Istanbul Metro, the first metro system in the country Turkey is considered to be composed of 6 different lines. By reading the metro map Istanbul You will notice that these lines are stretched across the city and include both European and Asian sides. . What information does the Istanbul Metro Guide give us? Where are the metro stations in Istanbul? By reading this article, you will get complete and accurate information about the metro of Istanbul, which will help you in traveling within the city.

Istanbul metro stations and lines

Currently, the metro in Istanbul has 4 active routes and 8 other routes are under construction. The expansion of these new lines will help the people of this city to travel to all parts of the city in a short period of time. The mentioned routes are located in 6 main lines that connect all parts of the city and are introduced to the public with special codes, which we describe below.

Metro line M1

This line is marked in red on the map and is divided into two parts A and B, which are 20.3 and 14 km long. Its initial part starts from Yenikapi and goes to Ataturk Airport arrives. The beginning of the second part of the route is in Yenikapi and the end is in Kirazli.

Metro line M2

In the Istanbul Metro Guide, the M2 Barang Sabz line is marked and its length reaches 23.5 km. The busiest metro line in Istanbul is the M2 metro line that connects the south of Sariyer to the center of Istanbul through Fatih. The M2 line starts from Yenikapi and extends to Haciosman.

Metro line M3

The M3 line is shown in blue and its length is about 15.9 km. This line is a kind of complement to the M1B metro line that runs from Basaksehir Metrikent to Kirazli Bagcilar.

Metro line M4

The first line that was opened on the Asian side of Istanbul is the M4 metro line. The pink color shows the route of the metro on this line on the Istanbul metro map from Kadikoy to Tavsantepe, which is 26.5 km.

Metro line M6

M6 is currently the shortest metro line in Istanbul with a length of only 3.3 km. You can see this line in the map above in beige color. The metro route on this line starts from the Levent station on the M2 line and ends at Bogazici Universitesi.


Istanbul Metro 3

Marmaray metro line

The Marmaray metro line is one of the newest metro lines in Istanbul, which connects the European and Asian parts of the city. To cross this part, the ferry and subway are common ways, but because the speed of the subway is faster than the ferry, it is usually used. This metro line starts from Gebze and continues to Halkali.

Metro line T1

Line T1 is one of the longest metro lines in Istanbul, shown in oil blue color. This line has different stations and starts from Kabatas and continues to Bagcilar.

Metro line T4

This metro line, shown in orange color, starts its work from the northern part of Istanbul, Mescid-iSelam. Its end point is also located in Pazartekke section.

Other Istanbul metro lines

There are some other short lines such as F1, F2, T2, etc., which connect the short lines in different sections.

Istanbul metro working hours

Normally in Istanbul, the metro works from 6 am to midnight, but some lines do not follow this rule. Of course, the working hours of the subway on the weekend, i.e. Sunday, are shorter than normal days. The M4 metro line is only ready to transport passengers until 11 pm and then it is closed.

How the subway departs from each station depends on the time of day and night, and it is not possible to set an exact time for it. In quiet hours, the time interval between two subways is between 5 and 10 minutes, but in busy hours like 7 in the morning, this time is reduced to 3 to 5 minutes.

Metro Istanbul 4

The cost of tickets and transfers by metro in Istanbul

There are different ways to use the metro in Istanbul, some of them are better for emergencies and others are popular because they are affordable. In the following, we will examine all possible ways.
Buy Istanbul card
The best possible way is to buy an Istanbul card. You can buy Istanbul card by paying 50 lira.

Electronic ticket purchase

The second method is to use an electronic ticket that allows you to use it for several trips. The number of trips allowed is listed on each ticket.

purchase single-use tickets

Buying a one-time ticket is the best way for emergencies. A single-use ticket allows you to use the metro in Istanbul only once for intra-city travel. This method will help you to use the metro services without any problems in case of emergency when you cannot charge Istanbul card etc.


Concluding remarks

Using Istanbul Metro is the best way to move between different parts of this bustling city. In order to easily move between your origin and destination, you should use the Istanbul Metro Guide. Istanbul metro map is not very complicated, that’s why everyone can use it without any problems.

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