Izmir, the beating heart of the Turkish economy

شهر ازمیر، با قلب تپنده‌ی اقتصادی کشور ترکیه

City of Izmir | Get to know the beating heart of Turkey’s economy and trade

Introducing the city of Izmir, Turkey

Izmir is one of the most famous, beautiful and big cities in Turkey. Located after Istanbul and Ankara in terms of size, this city is one of the port cities of Turkey with high economic and commercial activities that is very immigrant and most of these immigrants choose this city for living with business purposes.

In this article, we want to examine the different dimensions of the city of Izmir to get a better understanding of the conditions of this city.

شهر ازمیر، با قلب تپنده‌ی اقتصادی کشور ترکیه

Geographical location

The city of Izmir, with an area of ​​12 square kilometers, is located in the west of Turkey and has a population of about 3 million people.
It is the second largest urban settlement in the Aegean after Athens.
Izmir reaches the Aegean Sea on one side and borders the cities of Balikesir, Manisa and Aydin on the other.


Izmir has a Mediterranean climate. The city has long, hot summers and mild winters and rainy winters.
The average rainfall in the city is very high and the concentration of these rains is mostly in November to March and in June to August there is a drought.

Snowfall is very rare in this city and the temperature of the city reaches even 40 degrees Celsius in summer.


شهر ازمیر، با قلب تپنده‌ی اقتصادی کشور ترکیه

Cost of living and social welfare

Izmir Port is the main port of export and import and its free zone is the best free zone in Turkey.

The city’s trade dates back to the 19th century, and now Izmir’s economy greatly affects the country’s economy, making it one of Turkey’s most profitable trading cities.

Due to the high volume of imports and exports in the city of Izmir, the labor market is very active and dynamic, and most of the people of this city are working in some matters related to exports and imports. The unemployment rate is below 13%, which is a very good figure.

Income is also very reasonable and the cost of living is much lower than in cities like Ankara and Istanbul.

Therefore, the level of social welfare in the city of Izmir is relatively high, making it one of the best options for living in Turkey.

شهر ازمیر، با قلب تپنده‌ی اقتصادی کشور ترکیه

Important neighborhoods of Izmir

The city of Izmir is generally an ideal and good city to live in, and the urban facilities are almost evenly distributed throughout.

But some of its neighborhoods are better than others, some of which are named below:

Kenak neighborhood

This neighborhood is located in the center of Izmir and is one of the busiest and busiest parts of Izmir.
Izmir Clock Tower, which is one of the tourist attractions of this city, is located in this neighborhood.
Kanak Yali Mosque and Kamralti Bazaar are also in the same neighborhood.

Bornova neighborhood

This neighborhood is located in the northeast of the city and is only 5 km from the coast of this city.

One of the best equipped hospitals in Izmir is located in this area.

The houses in this area of ​​Izmir are made of earthquake resistant, which has made it a good place to live.

Alsanjak neighborhood

This neighborhood is one of the most commercial neighborhoods of Izmir and is full of different and colorful passages and boutiques and is the main neighborhood of Izmir for shopping and business.

Karshiaka neighborhood

This area is one of the most luxurious and expensive neighborhoods in Izmir and is located by the sea.

There are fewer commercial areas in this neighborhood and it is more residential, thus creating a very relaxing atmosphere for living.

شهر ازمیر، با قلب تپنده‌ی اقتصادی کشور ترکیه

Sights of Izmir

The city of Izmir is famous for its many historical and natural attractions that attract many tourists every year.
Some of the most important ones are as follows:


Hierapolis is one of the most ancient and historic cities in which the relics of Roman civilization have been left, and although it has been destroyed by past earthquakes, it is still beautiful and glorious.

The city’s carbonated hot spring is also very popular.

There is also a museum in the same area that houses examples of historical artifacts discovered from the cities of Caria, Pisidia and Lydia.

شهر ازمیر | با قلب تپنده‌ی اقتصادی و تجاری کشور ترکیه

Hierapolis Theater

Next to Hierapolis there is a very beautiful theater in the style of ancient Greece, which dates back to 2000 BC and is very magnificent and beautiful.

Church of St. Polycarp

The church, which dates back to the 17th century, is still functioning and its walls are full of beautiful and eye-catching paintings.

Mount Sipilus

It is one of the legendary mountains of Turkey, in the parts of which there are engravings called Nyube, in which the image of a woman crying is drawn.


The historical market of Izmir is one of the busiest areas of the city. This market dates back to the Ottoman period.

A museum

There are old and antique cars from all over the world in this museum.

شهر ازمیر، با قلب تپنده‌ی اقتصادی کشور ترکیه

Izmir Educational Centers

The city of Izmir is also very diverse in terms of educational centers and some of the best universities in Turkey are located in this city.
The following are the names of some of the most important:

Dokoz Eylul University

It is the most important university in Izmir, which was founded in 1982.
It is a private university with a postgraduate background.
Currently, more than 45,000 students are studying there.

Aegean University

Founded in 1955, this university is another private university in Izmir that accepts students in the fields of engineering, medicine, agriculture, foreign languages, educational sciences, basic sciences and social sciences.

Izmir University of Technology

The university was founded in 1992 and is a private university where technical and engineering disciplines are taught.

Yashar University

The university is a young university in Izmir with about 8,000 students and admits students in the fields of communication, economics and management sciences, architecture, science and literature, engineering and art.

شهر ازمیر، با قلب تپنده‌ی اقتصادی کشور ترکیه

Concluding remarks

The city of Izmir is one of the big, beautiful cities with a long historical background and very high economic prosperity that can be a very good environment for living. As the economic beating heart of Turkey, Izmir receives many immigrants every year and therefore cultural diversity. And ethnicity is very high in it. This has made living conditions easier for immigrants.

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