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    One of the best HPV vaccines is Gardasil. Gardasil vaccine can prevent dangerous sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts and anal cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer and penile cancer. One of the best types of HPV vaccine is the Gardasil vaccine, which is prescribed for both men and women. Gardasil injection for people with HPV virus has no effect on wart treatment.

    What is the Gardasil vaccine?

    One of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the world is genital warts and anal warts, which quickly infect the sexual partner. For this reason, scientists tried to control this contagious disease by inventing and producing Gardasil vaccine, a type of HPV vaccine, to protect the society from this virus.

    What viruses does the Gardasil vaccine contain?

    4 types of viruses 6, 11, 16 and 18 are among the viruses included in the Gardasil vaccine, which are among the most common viruses. Type 6 and 11 viruses are considered important factors in genital warts.


    Type 16 and 18 viruses are also the main causes of cervical cancer in women.


    One ​​of the important points in making the Gardasil vaccine is that the Gardasil vaccine does not contain the weakened virus of this disease, but contains particles similar to the human papilloma virus, which is made of protein. The outer wall of the virus is derived.

    At what age should the Gardasil vaccine be injected?

    • This vaccine can be injected for all people above 9 years of age and has no restrictions on gender and is very obligatory and necessary for women and men. The best time to inject the Gardasil vaccine is before the age of sexual activity and exposure to the HPV virus.
    • The best age for injection for women is from 11 to 26 years old and for men from 10 to 21 years old. Of course, it is possible to inject Gardasil after this age and up to the age of 45.

    Gardasil vaccine is not suitable for whom?

    • People with immune system defects or pregnant women and lactating mothers should take Gardasil injection with the doctor’s advice.
    • Also, if you have a yeast allergy or severe sensitivity, it is better to inform your doctor about your condition. If a person has a severe allergy to any type of vaccine, you cannot inject the vaccine.

    Gardasil injection site and injection frequency

    The injection site is on the muscle. Gardasil is injected in 3 times and 0.5 ml in each injection. The first time is in the month of zero, the second time is 2 months after the first injection, and the third time is 6 months after the first injection. The effect of this vaccine is for a maximum of 8 years and it does not replace the pap smear test and will not help in the treatment of cervical and anal cancer.

    Gardasil vaccine and its effects on genital warts

    If a person injects the vaccine before contracting the genital wart virus, he will not get genital warts because this vaccine is resistant to 2 types of virus type 6 and 11. Gardasil injection can reduce the risk of genital warts by 90%.

    To inject the Gardasil vaccine, you can use the on-site injection services with Nila’s experienced nurses or at Nila’s contracted clinics.

    Effectiveness of Gardasil vaccine

    Gardasil injection is very effective in preventing genital warts, pre-cancerous changes and cancerous lesions.

    As mentioned earlier, this drug contains 4 types of common viruses; It is the cause of genital warts and cervical cancer. If this vaccine is injected worldwide, the incidence of cervical cancer will decrease by 90%.

    Genital wart vaccine side effects

    It is necessary for the person to wait for at least 15 minutes in the place after injecting the medicine so that complications can be dealt with. According to statistics, the side effects of this vaccine are mild in 97% of cases, and serious side effects are possible in only 3% of cases. The most important side effects that may occur after the injection, we can mention the following:

    • Inflation
    • itching
    • Headache
    • pain at the injection site
    • fainting and dizziness
    • Fever
    • Nausea

    It is better to stay under the supervision of a doctor or nurse for a while after injecting the genital wart vaccine, so that in case of severe allergic reactions or swelling, the necessary measures can be taken as soon as possible.</span >

    last word

    Gardasil vaccine is one of the best and most effective ways to prevent HPV infection. To prevent sexually transmitted diseases and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, it is better to take the HPV vaccine.

    Diseases such as cervical, rectal and colon cancer, in addition to the high cost, are associated with a lot of physical and mental pain, which can be prevented by injecting this vaccine.