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 Buying a car in Turkey 2

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The tips you need to know to buy an installment car in Turkey

Although Turkey has a large transportation system and distinctive features, most people prefer to buy a private car. In this article, we have the necessary tips for buying a car in Turkey, buying a used car in Turkey, buying a used car from exhibitions, buying a used car from companies at Turkey, tax We have talked about buying a car in Turkey, buying an installment car in Turkey and driving license in Turkey. If you are planning to buy a car in Turkey, we suggest that you stay with us until the end of this article.

buying a car in Turkey

There are many significant differences between buying a car in Turkey and other countries. Buying a car in Turkey is better than in Iran, and the reason for that is the presence of famous car manufacturing companies and the variety of cars in this country. In terms of price, the car you buy in Iran is more expensive than the price of the same car in Turkey.

Buying a used car in Turkey

If you want to buy a used car in Turkey, you must consider some points. If you’re going to buy from a car dealership or someone you’ve found online, be sure to get a car report. You can get this report from automotive expert companies. This report provides you with all the characteristics and history of the car. You can find out if the car has had an accident or if parts of it have been replaced or not.

Car sales are done in the notary office. Make sure you have all the documents ready before going to the notary. If you do not bring one of the required documents, the transaction will not be done. Citizens need a translator in the notary office because all the documents are in Turkish.

Buying a car in Turkey 3

Buying a car in Turkey

Purchase used car from showrooms

To buy a used car, it is better to buy from a showroom instead of buying from a person. The reason is that if you buy from a car showroom, you can find out the defects of the car. The showrooms test the car body and engine before selling the car, and most of the cars are sold with a warranty.

Buying used cars from companies in Turkey

Instead of buying a used car from the showroom, you can buy a used car from the companies. Many car companies in Turkey also sell used cars. To buy a used car from Turkey, you have to go through the same steps as buying a new car.

Car purchase tax in Turkey

The price of buying a car in Turkey is much higher for Turkish citizens than for foreign citizens. The reason is that foreigners living in Turkey are exempt from paying taxes. In fact, the Turkish government has passed a law to make it easier for foreign citizens to shop without paying special consumption tax (ÖTV) or value added tax (KDV). This benefit only applies to the purchase of one car for each foreign national holding a work permit. Staff Diplomatic and NATO can also buy a car for their spouse in Turkey.

Those who have the right to buy tax-free cars are as follows:

• Retired nationals
• Foreign nationals with a work permit in Turkey
• Professors and foreign students, except for students who participated in language courses
• Foreigners who work for NATO
• Researchers working for the European Union
• Press employees who have a residence permit in this country
• Those who have the identification card of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Buying a car in Turkey 4

Tips for buying a car in Turkey

For buying a car in Turkey, consider these points:

• If you are planning to buy a car in Turkey as a foreign citizen, it is recommended to get a car with a Turkish license plate, because if the license plate is foreign, you can only sell to foreign citizens and it is not possible to sell to Turkish citizens.
• Be sure to deposit some of the amount in the notary office and after transferring the documents to your name, to the seller’s account. It is better to transfer this amount from your bank account and send the receipt to the seller.

• Be sure to insure the car after purchase.
• If you plan to buy a used car, be sure to do a technical inspection before buying.

• The car is one of the main exports of Turkey, so you can confidently buy a car made in Turkey.
• In Turkey, the car tax is collected annually from the car owner, and its amount depends on the cylinder size and car model, etc.
• Keep in mind that third party insurance in Turkey, and body insurance is optional.

Buying a car in Turkey 5

buying a car in Turkey

Car installment purchase

In Turkey, there are also conditions for buying a car in installments. You can buy installments through car manufacturing companies or car showrooms. Just keep in mind that before depositing the money, make sure that the car is legally registered. You must have the necessary documents, including a pay slip.


In this article, we gave a complete description of buying a car in Turkey for your familiarity, and we explained things related to buying a car in Turkey, second-hand cars, and car purchase tax. Remember, if you choose a second-hand car, don’t neglect the vehicle expertise sheet.

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