Bursa Turkey

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Bursa Turkey | A treasure trove of lush nature, history and culture

Get to know the city of Bursa, Turkey

Turkey is one of the greenest and most beautiful countries in the world and along with this beauty, modernity and high level of culture of this country has made it one of the very ideal options for travel and migration. There are big and beautiful big cities in this country, each of which has its own attractions. One of these important cities is the city of Bursa, Turkey, which is remarkable in many ways, and in the following we are going to explain about this city in full.

Geographical location and demographics

Bursa, Turkey is a beautiful city on the Anatolian Peninsula, located southeast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is currently home to about two million people and is the fourth largest city in the world after Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. A large part of the inhabitants of this beautiful city are immigrants who have come to this city for work purposes, mostly from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. Bursa is 4,000 years old and therefore many historical relics of ancient civilizations are left in this city. The city of Bursa, Turkey, is also known as the Green City of Turkey due to its dense green nature.

Bursa city weather

The prevailing climate in Bursa, Turkey, like many other cities in Turkey, is Mediterranean and temperate. As a result, the city has hot and humid summers and very cold and snowy winters.

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Bursa Economy

One of the reasons why so many immigrants have come to Bursa, Turkey, is that the economy is booming and growing. Which has made the economic situation in this city very acceptable and its people have good social welfare. The country is very active in exports, so that ten percent of Turkey’s exports are related to this city alone.

The city exports a wide range of goods to countries such as Iceland, Luxembourg, Latvia and Libya. The volume of exports in this country is so intense that in 2017, its volume was more than 121 countries.

The city is also the center of car production in Turkey, and large companies such as Fiat, Magneti Marley, Renault, Valve, Bosch, etc. have branches in this city and are operating.

The food and textile industries are also very advanced in this city and in the past years, Bursa, Turkey has been the center of silk production. The fertile soil of this city has made this city one of the best centers of dried fruit production in Turkey.

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Bursa Training Centers

In terms of education, the city of Bursa is in a very good condition and two of the best universities in Turkey are located in this city, which are:

  • Bursa Uludağ University

    Founded in 1975 in Bursa, Turkey, it teaches Turkish and English. Currently, about 76,000 students are studying at Uludağ University in all three levels. There are 14 faculties in this university, which are: basic sciences and literature, economics and administrative sciences, teacher training, theology, medical sciences, engineering, veterinary medicine, agricultural sciences, architecture, fine arts, law, management, sports sciences , Health Sciences. The university is ranked 1300 in the world rankings.

  • Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi

    Founded in 2010 in Bursa, Turkey, it is the fifth largest technical university in Turkey and has six faculties. Currently, about 5,000 students are studying at this university.

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Attractions of this city

The city of Bursa, Turkey is also very rich in terms of tourist attractions and includes various possibilities as follows:

Bursa Grand Mosque

This mosque has 20 domes and is left from the Ottoman period, which was built in the style of Seljuk architecture and by Sultan Bayazid Ilderm.

Ancient İnkaya Historical Tree

It is a 600-year-old sycamore tree located in the Oyuk Gena neighborhood north of Bursa, which is considered sacred by locals.

Atatürk Museum

The museum, formerly the residence of Ataturk, dates back to 1968. Where his belongings are kept.

موزه آتاتورک بورسا

The old village of  Cumalıkızık

A very beautiful and spectacular village in the east of Bursa, Turkey, which has narrow and paved alleys that are visited by enthusiasts due to their natural attractions. In this city, there are places of interest such as a wooden mosque, Cumalıkızık spring, an old bath and a very old cemetery.

Saitabat waterfall

A beautiful waterfall at the foot of Mount Uludağ, which is located 12 km from the city.


One of the most famous areas of Bursa, Turkey, which is used for winter sports due to its ski slope and cable car.

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Transportation facilities in Bursa

As Bursa is the fourth largest city in Turkey, its transportation systems are very extensive and include everything from subways and buses to trams and taxis. So you will not have any problem moving in this city.

Bursa famous dishes

The city of Bursa, Turkey is also famous for its delicious food, three of the most famous of which are as follows:

  • İskender kebap
    It is one of the most important Bursa dishes, which consists of thin meat grilled in hot tomato sauce and on pita bread, on which hot butter is poured.
  • Flower Mirror Meatballs
    This meatball, which is very old and dates back to the 19th century, is one of the most delicious Bursa dishes.
  • Chestnut sugar
    A delicious dessert made from boiling chestnuts in syrup and found in all Bursa restaurants.
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Concluding remarks

The city of Bursa, Turkey is not only one of the largest and most modern cities in the country, which has a very prosperous economy and many companies are operating in it and many immigrants come to work there every year, but it also has a very green and beautiful nature that makes it In all respects, it makes it one of the ideal options for life.

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