The best areas for nature tourism in Turkey

طبیعت گردی در ترکیه

The best areas for nature tourism in Turkey|Introducing the best natural landscapes of Turkey

Turkey, an amazing country with pristine nature

When you first travel to Turkey, the first thing that comes to mind is shopping in big stores and wearing beach shorts, but it is interesting to know that Turkey also has a unique natural landscape. The nature and forested and lush landscapes of this country are among the pristine natural landscapes that have been neglected. Desert valleys, wonderful coastal parks, mountains and waterfalls whose beautiful scenery will amaze you. In this article, we will introduce the best areas for nature tourism in Turkey, so that this time, instead of going shopping and the beach, you can enjoy the beauty of these landscapes and relax.

طبیعت گردی در ترکیه

Introducing the best areas for nature tourism in Turkey

As mentioned, Turkey has a unique nature, from the beaches and valleys to the heights and forests, which we will introduce in the following:

Mountains of Ararat, one of the most famous sights

Ararat volcanic mountains in the eastern regions of Turkey, the northern and eastern slopes of which are 1000 meters from the south and 1500 meters above the water level from the west. This mountain range has two peaks at distances of 11 km, both of which are inactive, about 5 km high. One of the interesting points of this mountain is its antiquity, which some Armenians consider to belong to the time of Noah’s ark and the end of the Ice Age. Other letters of this mountain include Judi Mountain, whose name is also mentioned in the Quran.

کوه های آرارات در ترکیه

Belgrad Forests

The forests of Belgrade are extremely lush and spectacular with a relaxing nature, located 15 km northwest of Istanbul. This feature makes it easier to access this forest. For this reason, many people, both Turks and tourists, visit this beautiful forest every year.

It is interesting to know that the area of ​​this forest during the peak of the Ottoman Empire was about 13 hectares, but now only about 5 hectares remain. However, nothing diminishes the beauty and grandeur of this beautiful nature. The aqueducts that visitors see today on forest paths were once the city’s main source of water supply.

پارک بلگراد در ترکیه

Pamukkale Areas

Pamukkale, which means cotton peak in Turkish, is a natural region in the state of Denizli. The province is located in southwestern Turkey. There are natural and clear hot springs in this area. This area has a temperate climate most of the year and is a good option for camping on summer nights.

مناطق پاموکاله در ترکیه

Kaçkar Mountain Park

Kachkar Mountain has the highest peak and longest mountain ranges in the east of the Black Sea, which is surrounded from east to west by the river Chorveh. The height of the highest peak of Kachkar is approximately 4000 meters. The mountain has five massive glaciers, which have created a wide range of ecological diversity in the mountains of the eastern Black Sea region. The mountain has 11 villages and 44 summers where shepherds often live in spring and summer.

Kachkar Mountain is a vast area with pure nature and beautiful scenery that makes all photographers eager to see it. Many nature lovers set foot in the nature of this mountain to visit, have fun and relax. Many activities such as hiking and mountaineering are very popular in this area.

پارک کوهستانی کاچکار

Regions of Cappadocia

Cappadocia is the name of a huge and ancient city in central Anatolia in Turkey. Centuries ago, due to volcanic activity, thick gray covered the whole area. Over time, the molten material cooled and eroded to form an area with a spectacular view today. The distance from this area to Istanbul is a little far and will take about 9 hours with personal belongings. It is worth exploring the pristine scenery and cycling through the cliffs and villages of the area, or riding balloons to have a spectacular and unforgettable experience of these sights.

کاپادوکیا در ترکیه

Duden Waterfall Antalya

Duden Waterfalls in Turkey, located in Antalya, is one of the main tourist attractions of Antalya. Easy access to this tourist area, low costs and convenient facilities are the features that make many tourists visit this place without any worries. This waterfall is only 20 minutes away from the center of Antalya.

This beautiful and spectacular waterfall consists of two parts, upper and lower:

Lower Waterfall
The lower waterfall of this city enters directly into the Mediterranean Sea. This waterfall is some distance from the city center and we have to go about 28 km to the old Antalya-Bordur road to reach it. The height of the lower waterfall is 40 meters, which allows the same migrants to cross and reach the forests and rocks.

Upper waterfall
 Upper waterfall but located in the upper part of Antalya. The waterfall is about 20 minutes away from the city center, around which many cafes and restaurants have been established. Imagine you are sitting in a cafe, holding a hot coffee and staring at the beautiful view of Duden Falls and enjoying the sound of the water. It’s unique, isn’t it?

آبشار دودن آنتالیا در ترکیه

Concluding remarks

Turkey is like a natural bridge between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. Known for its beaches and shops, this country is full of pristine natural landscapes, lush heights and spectacular pastures because of its special geographical area! As you can see, Turkey is much more than just beaches and multi-star hotels and clothing stores.

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