The beaches of Şile and Ağva Turkey

تور شیله و اعوا

Şile and Ağva beaches in Turkey | One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in this country

The beaches of Şile and Ağva Turkey and the unparalleled scenery

Turkey is surrounded by seas in three directions, so there are many beautiful beaches in the country that attract many tourists each year. One of the most beautiful and important beaches is the beaches of Şile and Ağva Turkey, which is one of the best options for spending fun and holidays in this country. In the continuation of this article, we will explain more about the different parts of this beautiful city.

Geographical location and demographics

Turkey’s beaches are located northeast of Istanbul, in the Asian part of the Black Sea. The city dates back to 700 BC and its name is a Greek word and the name of a flower. Currently, more than 25,000 people live in the city, of which about 10,000 live in the city of Sheila itself and 13,000 in the surrounding villages.

Due to the high number of tourists in this city, its population doubles in summer and all hotels and inns are filled. There are many neighborhoods in Şile, some of the most important of which are as follows: Ach Darreh neighborhood, Ağva Markaz neighborhood, Ahmadli neighborhood, Akchaksa neighborhood, Alajali neighborhood, Bali Bey neighborhood and …

تور شیله و اعوا

Şile Weather

Şile, like many other cities in northern Istanbul, has a subtropical and humid climate. On the beaches of Şile and Ağva in Turkey, it rains more than in Istanbul and the temperature is milder in summer.

The economy of these beaches

As it is certain, the economy of the beaches of Şile and Ağva Turkey as a tourist city is based on tourism and related services. There are many first class hotels in this city, which include a large part of entrepreneurship in this city. Apart from that, other tourism-related facilities such as cafes and restaurants, inns and inns, tour and leadership services, transportation services, and various markets are some of the other jobs that the people of this city make their living from. In addition, many people in this city are also engaged in fishing. The shores of Chile and Ağva in Turkey lack such industrial and manufacturing companies and in this respect have no role in the Turkish economy.

شیله و آعوا

Educational places in the city of Şile

Although Turkey’s Chile and Ağva beaches are famous for their natural and tourist attractions, this does not mean that their educational aspects have not been taken into account. One of the best universities in Turkey is located in this small town. Isik University is a private university in the city, founded in 1885 and currently has more than 6,000 students. In general, the university has two campuses, one in the city of Maslak and the other on the shores of Chile and Ava in Turkey.

The university has many dormitories, social facilities and many educational and administrative buildings, and since 2005, most of the administrative departments of the university have been moved to the Şile unit. The faculties of this university are: social sciences, engineering sciences, fine arts, economics and management sciences, basic sciences, etc.

مراکز آموزشی شیله و آعوا

Tourist attractions in Şile

As the name implies, the city of Şile is famous for its beautiful and sunny beaches. These beaches are sandy with a unique beauty. However, this city is located in the northernmost point of Istanbul and therefore has special marine conditions like other Black Sea cities, which include severe underwater currents that can be dangerous for people who are not completely familiar with swimming and can drown. . On the shores of the Black Sea, there are cold winters that make the holiday season much shorter than the Aegean, Mediterranean or Marmara.

Şile Castle is a historic 14th century castle located in the city and was rebuilt in 2015. The tomb of a Muslim saint, Kom Baba, is located on a tree-covered hill off the coast of Chile and Ağva, Turkey.

Along the coast of the city, in the village of Kızılcaköy, there is a cave which is said, according to a local legend; It is the scene of events recorded in the book of Anabasis. The beaches of Chile and Ağva, Turkey are also known for their beautiful and patterned fabrics, and there are many cloth shops on the beaches, and every year during the summer, a fabric sale exhibition is held there.

It is also home to one of the world’s largest lighthouses.

تور شیله و اعوا

Beautiful beaches of Chile and Awa, Turkey

There are two beautiful beaches in this coastal city that are very popular among tourists and are as follows:

  • Aquabitch Beach
    One of the most beautiful beaches in the city of Chile is Aquabich Beach, where there are many hotels that have different costs depending on the amenities they provide to tourists.
  • Life Beach Beach
    This beach is a very expensive private beach in this city that has a high entrance and offers a very high level of amenities. One of the attractions of this beach is playing live music and listening.
سواحل شیله و آعوا

Concluding remarks

Turkey’s Chile and Awa beaches are one of the best tourist destinations in the country, which attracts many travelers every year and its economy is based on tourism. Therefore, there are many hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities. In addition, the lush nature and clean beaches have made it one of the most scenic areas in Turkey.

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