Introducing Basin Express Istanbul Highway

باسین اکسپرس استانبول

Basin Express | Valuable areas for investment! Be with Nila.

Basin express

Istanbul is a beautiful and modern city that has become one of the economic hubs of the region due to its unique geographical location. Basin Express is also known as one of the key investment areas in the European part of Istanbul. This is one of the most important areas for investing in real estate.

The Basin Express Highway in Istanbul is considered by many local and foreign businessmen for investing in real estate due to its special location.

Location of this area Basin Express

This important area is located in the European part of Istanbul, between the TEM and E5 highways, which makes it easily accessible to other parts of Istanbul.

This highway also has easy access to other parts of Istanbul by public transport such as buses, subways and trams, which has contributed to the greater value of property in this area.

It is worth mentioning that this highway is located next to the three important municipalities of Istanbul and this issue has caused special attention to be paid to this area.

سرمایه گذاری در باسین اکسپرس

The importance of this region in investment

In recent years, this region has become one of the financial and commercial hubs in the European part of Istanbul. There are many hotels, hospitals, financial and commercial centers that have added to the importance of Basin Express. Another important reason that has made this highway the center of real estate investment is the proximity of this area to the new Istanbul airport.

Basin Express commercial and service centers

Due to its strategic location, there are many commercial, medical, educational and welfare centers in this region.

Introducing shopping malls in the area

Mall of Istanbul Shopping Center

This shopping center is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. It hosts a large number of foreign travelers and tourists on a daily basis, as Istanbul Mall has become one of the main shopping hubs in Istanbul due to its large size and the presence of prominent Turkish and global brands.

ایستانبول مال در باسین اکسپرس

Shopping Center 212 Istanbul

This shopping center (Outlet) is known for its special discounts. Most of the Turkish brands and popular international brands in this shopping center sell the goods of the previous seasons and one size at very reasonable prices. If you want to experience the pleasure of a purchase with high discounts, we suggest you visit this shopping center.

Istanbul New Airport near Basin Express Highway

In recent years, the construction of Istanbul’s main airport near the area has made the Basin Express more and more a place of passenger traffic, one of the largest airports in the world and daily hosts a large number of passengers from around the world.

Buy property inThis area

Given what we have said, buying property in the Maine area is a safe and smart investment. The value of the property on Basin Express has grown significantly in recent years, which has led top Turkish and international construction companies to build quality residential and commercial projects in the region.

Basin Express Area Accesses

This area has great access, the Basin Express Highway, Them Highway and the E-5 (E-5) Highway and the proximity to the metro, bus and metrobus make life easy and enjoyable for the locals. It can be said that this area is the border between the center and the west of Istanbul.

The last word
If you are looking for a safe and profitable investment in a commercial or residential area, we suggest that you visit the Basin Express area. Property prices in this area are relatively reasonable and have recently been welcomed by housing buyers due to their excellent accessibility.

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